RPM here we come

Pretty ironic that I’ve arrived here in Preston Melbourne for my RPM Les Mills group fitness instructor training weekend. My room is not ready so I’m having a wine at the bar and it says ” Chill ” on the glass of wine. So I’m just chilling. I’m nervous and excited about tomorrow but extremely proud of how far I’ve come on my journey. This is yet another goal I’m ticking off my vision board of dreams.

This whole week has been an amazing week of learning RPM 79, specifically my track for the training weekend which is Track 7 “Adrenaline!! Pure mountain climbs”.

This morning I was awake at 3am, fully wired and ready to go. I did really well presenting the track in RPM this morning. Pretty empowering when you have the love and support of a bunch of women around you cheering you on. Pretty blessed and grateful to be part of the Fernwood Albury Wondonga community.

Day 1 Les Mills RPM Training here we go, backpack full of snacks and a bag full of fresh clothes,towels,lets just say the essentials.

Checked in with my mentor and dearest friend Jules before I weathered the storm. I felt ready, however my belly felt like I was going on my first date lol !!!

All I can say is OMG the first hour was amazing. The day was awesome, so much sweat, burn and theory. Great bunch of people. Everything hurt including my brain but in a really good way. I’ve never eaten so many snacks or food in one day for a long time. But we all worked HARD. The burn was deep and viscerale.

What was so empowering was that feeling when you realise;could this get any better? I made it through the first day, presented well. How funny it was watching myself back on video, omg !!!

Headed back to the hotel feeling slightly overwhelmed for Day 2. Homework included scripting and choreography which had to be 100 %. Tomorrow bed time was no where close yet.! The whole tub of Halo chocolate ice cream with superfoods nut mix and glass of red wine got me there. All I can say is poor neighbours 😜.

Day 2, woke up, went for a run. Probably not the best thing to do on day 2 but I had really no idea what was ahead of me today, needed to clear my head. Running in the rain will do that. I knew it was going to be tough. Yep roller coaster on replay.

Presentation 2, full track 7 videoed, it was intense but I did it ! Feedback was great , but you know what was even better was the love and support of everyone in that room riding with me. It was insane. Goosebump material.

Just when you think you can’t feel your quads and hammies , your trainer lines us all in a line and we do what they call the RPM race of truth. Our bodies where pushed to extreme lactic levels and our muscles felt like they were going to be explode. I’m not exaggerating, it was intense but gosh we felt amazing when finished. Why, because we conquered it and we did it. #bestfeelingever

Theory, theory and more theory. I kinda went into melt down Candy mode, delirious and laughing at nothing in particular. Yep, the snort was getting louder. When you experience a group fitness training program you walk away with utmost respect for all trainers. Seriously what they have to do to create professionalism , passion , purpose and drive in group fitness classes. They are AMAZING individuals. It’s a tough gig. The realisation, omg, that’s going to be me soon !

Nearly at the finish line, one more presentation and we were homeward bound. I smashed it again.We all smashed it. Lots of feedback and knowledge in my tool box from our amazing trainer Libby, such an inspiring woman!

The road ahead; 3.5 hour drive home but I take back with me to Albury that big tool box to use on my next intense journey to become an RPM Trainer. What’s involved is 8 weeks of shadowing and training with my mentor and dearest friend Jules. Who,let me say, was with me via phone and messages the whole weekend, loving and supporting me the whole time. How lucky am I! So here we go. Watch this space and from the words of Libby our Les Mills Trainer….

” Believe in yourself and anything is possible ”

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