Honesty ❤️

Dear Me

3.29am in the morning you can’t sleep.

No matter how much you have grown into yourself you still fill yourself with worry and self doubt.

Why is it that ? We live in a world where we need that constant validation. Right ? Why though !

Why do I at times live with fear of losing everything. That’s part of growth and change.

Or is it when you concentrate too much on the materialistic world and are not in the present, we lose sight of our real purpose and our authenticity. We have been so driven by goals , dreams and aspirations which is AWESOME but we have lost sight of what is really important; which is you. It’s called balance. Remember that one !

So I’m wondering this week when you took a step back looking from the outside in and re-centred yourself, did this help. Of course it did !

I know situations of late have heightened your emotions. Why is that ? Fear of losing people in your life if you say what you feel? It hasn’t happened so kick that one to the kerb.

Thoughts ! Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a crystal ball and we could see what the future has in store for us. Would the outcome be good ? Would we be happy ? What does life have in store for us ?

But life is all about the surprises along the way. The good , the bad , and the ugly. It binds everything together to help us appreciate with grace, strength and courage how truly lucky we are !

Every day we breathe the freshness of new air. We wake up and take one step forward to being the best version of ourself. That’s enough right ! We’ve got this girlfriend.

We struggle some days more than others just holding our shit together. You know what, overall I feel like we do a damn good job. We are real , we worry too much about what people think of us. But who cares, they’re not perfect either.” What people think of me is none of my business “. Hell Yeah 🙌🙌

We overanalyse things way too much. Our inner critic some days has a front row seat. However, our other critic always steps in to remind us to ” just live for the moment each and everyday ” . So we do !

Let’s just keep embracing life and take a chance on us. How about we keep loving every minute and don’t waste a second questioning ourself. You know it’s just the ego bringing self doubt and fear of failure in. No way are we going to give up on the work that we are doing. Let’s just push through it.You know it’s like running, if we can push through the negative self talk and badgering , well, we can get through anything. Remember courage and belief, there in there. So let her shine. Keep coming out and showing yourself to the world. You’re making a difference everyday. Don’t let life challenges and judgement hold you back .

Judgement ? People will judge you anyway. But they will also see you for who you really are, the true authentic you. ” Your vibe attracts your tribe “. These are the keepers, the stayers and the believers. Hold on to them. Spread your love like fairy dust because you are one magical human being. Yes, you and me we are !

Believe in yourself you’ve got this. Don’t let the lingering self doubt of other people’s beliefs bring you down. Keep spreading your love and really be true to who you want to be. That is the best gift that you can give to yourself ever. Your love is important.

So go out love and inspire the world the way you want to.

Spend more time doing what you want instead of what you feel others want for you, or for fear of mispleasing them.

Reconnect with your family and reconnect with yourself. Along the way these past few weeks you’ve lost sight of what was really important. Go out and find that again Girlfriend. I’ve got ya back.

Love me


2 thoughts on “Honesty ❤️

  1. The only time I give myself is the time to read the next “Blog” I read and wish I could be as strong and determined. I will some day.
    Thank you for sharing your next blog chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

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